them rubber frogs

Find them in the pool or in the store. Where else?*


*There is a type of frog that can scrunch up and be as bouncy as a rubber ball that lives on a mountain. So I guess you could call it a “rubber frog” and find it on this mountain. I think they are called Venezuela pebble toads.

Video taken by BBC with Sir David Attenborough.

P.S. Visit them blog! That page is more interesting.

The pebble toad is the Rubber Froggies website toad. We respect it.

them real frogs

Find them in a tropical rainforest, in a zoo, or even in your toilet bowl if you were in Australia (if you do find one in your toilet bowl, then don’t be scared. They don’t bite and they’re harmless).


them virtual or drawing frogs

Find them on your computer or just draw it yourself. Like I did with that frog.