them Fourth of July

Hello! This is the first post in which I used capital letters for the title!

Ok, that wasn’t the point. Happy Fourth of July!

And today’s theme frogs are…

Red, white, and blue in color.

  1. Strawberry Poison-Dart Frog
    This frog is red (obvious. Sorry). Wait, no. It’s also blue, and that suits our theme very well. I like its scientific name: “Oophaga pumilio.”
  2. Blue Dart Frog
    One drop of these frogs’ poison can cause muscle paralysis and even death. People have always been afraid of sharks which kill around 9 people a year, while the Great Poison Dart Frogs hear their name go Ugh-Ugh (The Ugh-Ugh part souce: How to Train your Dragon) kill around, well, I don’t know if I want to know. No, I seriously don’t know. Why would I look that up? Not to change your opinions about frogs being nice. Humans kill more frogs than frogs kill humans. Which is a reason that my website has a milestone for Save the Frogs Day.
  3. Australian Green Tree Frog
    This frog is the closest frog I could find to being white. This frog is not poisonous (yay!) and it is very nice. Too bad it only lives in Australia…

Well! That was it for today! Happy Fourth of July!



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