them summer frogs

Summer starts in only 5 days! Yay!

Because summer (in my opinion) is the hottest season, it reminds me of deserts (like the sahara. Not city deserts)… But not only snakes and lizards live there! Our favorite animal lives there, and it is called a FROG! You know that.

So today I will be listing the top 3 coolest frogs that live in the desert (in my opinion)!

3: Desert Rain Frog

This frog is considered the cutest frog in the world, but I do prefer the red-eyed tree frog. Just look at that smile. Anyway, I like it because of its call. There are videos on it. Maybe people think it’s cute because it is plump (I like that word better than ‘fat’ because frogs should never be called fat. Also, plump is a cuter word). It looks like it is covered in sand. In fact, it is [usually] covered in sand.

2. Colorado River Frog

This frog lives in Colorado rivers (I think that’s obvious). It has a lot of poison. A lot lot of poison. Enough poison to kill a full grown dog (site: Simon’s blog park). It has come from monsoons in Arizona that have turned pretty much everything into bodies of water. So That’s what’s pretty cool about it; but it’s mostly the poison that it’s known for (though terribilis has the most).

1. Australian Green Frog

This frog is pure AWESOME. It lives in Australia (I think it’s pretty obvious). It is green (I think that’s also pretty obvious). It lives in places with NO rain at all; yet it still survives. It captures fog from the air and then when the fog turns to water, it absorbs it (frogs don’t drink; they absorb stuff from their skin).

Enjoy your summer!




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