them awesome frog fact

Hi! I have three things to say:

  1. Sorry for not posting in like a month.
  2. It’s been a really busy one!

You should know that frogs hibernate like a lot of others. When they do, the bones shed into a new set. And speaking of shedding, this sounds weird… frogs DO shed skin. And speaking of skin, frogs don’t drink water from their mouths. They absorb it from their skin. And speaking of water, there’s a frog that lives underwater for pretty much its whole life and it skin gets SUPER wrinkly. And speaking of living somewhere, I could live on frog facts.

I know this was kind of random but there’s another cool (not cool when you look at it) thing:

Last year a bunch of frogs were discovered and they were almost all less than the size of your fingernail. Some of the frogs are going extinct ALREADY! So happy SUPER LATE Save the Frogs Day and enjoy your summer. Happy posting!

Credits for figuring out about the new frogs: New Frogs! AWESOME WEBSITE! (opinion by greenfuzzyfrog)



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